America's Best Kept Sporting Secret.

Every weekend boys & girls of ALL AGES are getting paid seriously awesome MONEY to be involved in sports all over America. All you need to do is turn up, do some training, have some fun and collect your cash! Officiating really is America's best kept sporting secret.

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Recruiting Now!

Associations all over America are currently recruiting. Officiating could just about be the best part-time job going around.


What has bought you here today?

I want to earn cash

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I want to make new friends

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I want to get fit / keep fit

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I want to learn new skills

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I want to be part of the game

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Did you know you can save enough money for your first car in ONE YEAR by being a referee or umpire? Or you can spend your extra cash on the weekend with your friends. You choose!

EARN $$$


If you are fit and want to get fitter then officiating is the perfect job. If you're NOT fit but want to get fit, we have you covered too! All fitness levels are welcome. We're waiting for you!



Bring a bunch of friends down and get paid to hang out or come down on your own and meet fun people your age. Officiating is social - see for yourself! Sign up to learn more.



Earn cash, get fit and have fun!

Discover how young people are earning awesome money in a fun & cool way

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The best part time job.

Discover how young people all over America are earning awesome money in a fun & cool way. It beats flipping burgers!


Love the game.

If you love the game and want to be a part of it, refereeing or umpiring is the perfect way to get involved.

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Recruiting now!

Associations around the country are currently recruiting.
Officiating could just about be the best part-time job going around.

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From your local pitch to the big stage!

While officiating is a great part time job, there are pathways in each sport if you want to take the next step in your officiating career.

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Tell us about yourself and we’ll connect you with your local association.


Officiency Sport.

The power behind recruiting officials.

Our mission is to support the sustainability of sports and officiating associations by encouraging the next generation of officials.

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